Internet Marketing for Smoke Shops

By February 5, 2018Marketing Strategies
internet marketing for smoke shops

So you have a legit smoke shop here in California. You build a great Cannabis site and your’e ready for business.. the problem is HOW do you market your website online?

It can be a challenge for a regular website to marketing online but websites that focus on buying or selling of marijuana and related products are 90% unlikely to promote their business on the internet despite being a legal website.

Here are a few tips to help develop a strong internet marketing plan for your business:

  • Make sure your Cannabis site is SSL!
  • Mobile ready? Believe it or not there are still websites out there that do not show up well on IPhones, Droids, etc.
  • Create your Social Media Pages ASAP- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.
  • Create landing pages that are not using ‘illegal content’. This includes using phrases like Bong, Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Joints, etc. These pages are uses solely for advertising online in social media.
  • Optimize for organic search engine rankings- this may take months to build so be patient
  • List your business in Google My Business (AKA MAPS)
  • Submit to directories if available.

It’s strongly suggested that you consider hiring a digital marketing agency that specializes on the development and promotion of smoke shops and Cannabis related businesses online. As the saying goes, “If you think its expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur!”