Cannabis Website Design Help & Ideas

If you’re in the Cannabis industry, by now you know getting marketing materials created can be a challenge. You may have a legit, legal Cannabis business, but finding the right website design and design company never seems to be easy.

Here are a few tips when looking for help designing your Cannabis website:

  • Find a Cannabis website design company that is located in a state where it’s legal. You would be surprised how many businesses pop up and are not legally allowed to promote or market Cannabis related businesses in their state!
  • The designer should follow the current standards of design– this includes responsive websites, mobile-friendly websites, etc.
  • Layout should be user-friendly– Sticky navigations, quick call-to-actions, images that are clear and easy-to-read.
  • Choose a reliable website hosting provider– This is essentially your real estate location. Choosing a cheap or fly-by-night website hosting provider could prove disastrous to your overall business including online marketing strategies.
  • Plan ahead for your internet marketing strategy– A website must also follow suite with the standards of internet marketing including SEO-friendly web pages. Make sure you find a reputable company that understands in the all the roadblocks you can hit by marketing a cannabis related website on the internet. It may be legal, but most social media and search engines will think otherwise.