Tired of paying directory fees? Loyal customers are better than new ones!

By September 27, 2017Uncategorized

Now more than ever, being a successful business owner is about making sure that your company name, identity, and brand can be found in every nook and cranny online. For the cannabis industry, this used to mean you were stuck with paying enormous fees for a directory listing to reach your potential customers. That is no longer the case.

With recreational marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, the need for directory listings – and paying their fees – is becoming obsolete. Most dispensary directories charge to list on their website. Depending on the type of listing you want, you may pay anywhere from $300 to $10K per month! Not to mention they may take a commission for any sales they generate. And until recently, cannabis business owners really didn’t have a choice but to pay these fees.

Another downside to a paid directory listing, is that you aren’t the only one paying. This means that customer loyalty is slim to nil. Customer will first see what is listed at the top of the directory or the best deal they can find. How can you build customer loyalty and repeat business that way? Simple answer: you can’t.

Now The Big Question: Why Is Your Online Presence Crucial To Your Success?

There is no doubt we live in an instant gratification society. Building your online brand will quite frankly turn out to be the best business move you will make. Establishing your company outside of a directory listing is how marijuana businesses are going to succeed as the market becomes more and more competitive. A professional website, active social media, and customer engagement will set you apart.

These is an active stigma change going on in the marijuana world.??? If you want to reach soccer moms, business professionals, and the like, your cannabis business needs to embrace the change! This is why it’s so important to focus on building your online brand. Why? Because we trust people we know. We trust people that we have relationships with, and most of all – we like to do business with people we trust! Having a strong online presence:

  • Creates awareness of what your cannabis business is about (customer service, quality, etc).
  • Gives you instant opportunities to create likability and to foster the growth of your followers and loyal customers.
  • Elevates your credibility, because you embrace being ‘out there’ for the world to find.
  • Allows you to gain trust – the most important part of the ‘sales process’ – leading to more leads, more customers and more profits!

It can’t be simpler than that. The time has come for every cannabis business to get serious about building an online presence.

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