New Year means New Laws in California for Recreational Marijuana

By January 8, 2018Legal News

As of January 1st, California is now the 6th state in the U.S. to legally allow recreational use of Marijuana! Just like alcohol, if you are over the age of 21, you can go into a local store and purchase weed without the need of a medical prescription… well sort of.

Of course, it is not AS simple as walking into any store. You must purchase from designated weed shops throughout the state of California. To find your local shop, click here.

Keep in mind, the law is strict on where you can smoke. Currently, you may only smoke Marijuana in homes and private property. There are some cities right now working on┬ásmoke ‘lounges’ to operate in their area.

This is still a very new process, so please be aware of changes that will be coming over the next few months. We we certainly be posting updates as we get them here as well as our Facebook Page.